French Domina Mistress


Failure to comply with these rules will result in your exclusion.

Respect, devotion and the formal address are required for ever and definitive in all circumstances.

"Madam, presenting before you agree to my final and absolute position of inferiority.

All familiarities, attitudes or roles reversing attempts are banned.

Any familiarity, any term familiar attitude is strictly prohibited before, during and after the appointment or during any discussion.

I will celebrate you with respect and devotion for the attention you give to you who hear me and me spend your valuable time. "

French explanations : +33 (0)6 13 69 98 34 - One our before


French Elegance mixed with delicious Dominance.

If you are looking for a skilled Mistress to fulfil your fantasies, she is a beautiful and cruel Dominatrix, adept in the arts of fetichism.

Based in Paris, sexy, fetishist ans strict.

Beautiful Dominatrix, she loves male slaves and look for them to be their queen.

Malicious composition. Emotional invasion.

She longs to see her suffer for her because it brings her desire.

Resistance is vain, seduction is control.

A session can be light and playful.

She had a deep affinity for a wide spectrum of BDSM activities.

She prefers quality over quantity and she has selective with whom she chooses to engage with.

She is passionately devoted to the arts of bondage,discipline,dominance and submission.

She orders you to explore the Arts of Domination where the line between pain and pleasure.

She encourages and push your exploration of this world.

As a trained therapist, she also had many skills beyond the traditional weapons of a dominatrix and in fact, she considers his domination to be a form of therapy.

Role play, fetish, domination.

Whatever she does, she keeps it elegant, exceptional and high class.

For her, it’s pure pleasure in liberation. She seeks respectful and sincere submissives, and fetishists who know that they have found a very special ans precious Mistress.

Whatever level of BDSM experience you possess you can rest assured that his sense of adventure, creativity, positive and open mindset will give you an unic experience.

She is an expertly skilled Domina who is intuitive, had compassionate, with a gifted erotic touch and exquisite bottom play interweaving, under his complete control.

In her presence, you will experience the kind of dominant woman you thought existed only in your dreams : subtle, classy, intelligent, creative.

Please at his request, posses an open mind so that you can explore every aspects of this art.

Her preference is for gentlemen who share some of his passion as well his values.

As a highly skilled, genuine, she is selective about his subjects.

If you come to Paris, maybe you'll be fortunate enough to kneel to her.

Concerning the protocol, you must address her as Mistress, don't forget to be polite and respectful, if not you'll be turned down. Sessions Availables 1 Our before :
Monday to Sunday 12:00 to 20:00 - Center ParisRude or disrespectful inquiries will not receive a reply.
Private numbers are ignored.

She can speak english (not fluently), so don't hesitate to contact her when you would be in Paris.

Gifts : Use your imagination : Jewelry (Swarovski, Cartier...), perfume (Dior, Givenchy), ...Call only 1 our before desired appointment, the same day only. Location : downtown Paris. Please no time wasters as you will be ignored.

If you'd like to apply for with her in his inner full equiped sanctum and if you are a genuine submissive, you should contact her only the day of your appointment respectfully one hour before.

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